Spooky Outfit Contest Your guide to a cool summer street look


How to enter the outfit contest?
-Create an outfit mixing your own personal style with the feelings of this spooky season. Outfits can be themed or just Halloween related.
-Take two photos: one of your full body outfit and another close up of the detail you like best.
-Write a description of your outfit and how you came up with it.
-Email all that to me with the name you wish to go by to: hellobattyness@gmail.com

Contest voting starts Friday October 9th but you can enter any time before it ends. I will announce the winners on the 25th.

Two winners will be chosen.
-one is a fan favorite with the most votes. they will receive a goodie box full of spooky fun things and including one of my bat necklaces.
-the other is my choice for favorite outfit and they will receive one of my bat necklaces.
Have fun everyone! I can’t wait to see your outfits!