30 Day Maid Cafe Challenge: Day 3

Day 3

Which Maid is your favorite? Which café does she work in? What do you like about her?

I have so many maids that I love. It is really hard to pick just one. First off I love all the maids that are in At Your Service Cafe with me. They all make me so happy and love what they do which makes it a really fun experience every time! <3

At Con-nichiwa 2012 with half the staff! <3

I think my favorite non-fiction maid would have to be Hitomi from @Home Cafe. She has been a maid for so long and has always been a source of inspiration and love for me. She has the cutest smile and is always willing to teach people about maid life and cafes. I think I especially love that she travels to other countries and events to teach and perform. I hope one day she can make it to one of the convention in the USA!

Hitomi of @home cafe.

Who is your favorite maid? I would love to know so please comment below!

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